About Us

You might ask yourself why JUMANJI WILDLIFE SAFARI?

Here is the answer, we have been here, we have worked here, we are living here and the most important we love Africa more than anywhere in the world. Successful traveling and trekking in Africa require local knowledge and experience. We know this place, we have the rhythm of Africa in our blood. We take pride in our intimate knowledge and understanding of the diverse regions of Tanzania and East Africa, and we delight in being able to utilize this knowledge and understanding into a successful viable business-like JUMANJI WILDLIFE SAFARI.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible safari and trekking at the best possible price and to bring to you a unique and memorable African experience. In this respect we strive to provide the ideal travel solution suited to you without compromising quality and your specific needs dedicated to JUMANJI WILDLIFE SAFARI will listen to your needs and desire as they arrange set of customized services designed to make your safari and trekking holiday a successful and memorable one.